If you (or Mom!) can thread a needle and plug in a glue gun, you can create your own professional quality bridal headpiece and veil, decorations, favors, invitations, even your gown . . . for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them in a bridal salon!

With just a few dollars' worth of craft supplies and fabrics, we'll show you how to save a small fortune and still look like you spent big bucks. Professional designers use the same kinds of fabrics and craft supplies you can buy locally or by mail, and with a few simply mastered sewing and craft skills there's no reason to think your results won't match theirs.

So make your wedding a true labor of love. And remember: You're not in this wedding alone. Friends and relatives love to be included in your wedding plans. Rather than viewing your request for help as an imposition, they will be honored and flattered that you recognize their expertise.

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