"I Do" Veils — So Can You!
by Claudia Lynch

11" x 8.5", 128 pages, $19.95

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With clear step-by-step instructions and over 500 detailed illustrations, author Claudia Lynch shares with you her expertise as a bridal milliner and professional costume designer for theatre and ballet.
"I Do" Veils
is packed with useful tips and tricks to make the selection, design, and wearing of your headpiece a brilliant success.

You'll learn:

  • How to choose a headpiece style that flatters your face, figure, and height (Did you know that a too-tall headpiece can actually make you look shorter?) When to charge right in with a glue gun, and when to slow down and use a needle and thread (Glue is quick, but it's also permanent) How to use self-stick carpet tape (From a hardware store!) to keep your headpiece from sliding down the back of your head.
  • How to make a professional quality headpiece---even a beaded tiara!---for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one in a bridal salon!

"I Do" Veils even offers a comprehensive listing of Resources for ordering supplies and trimmings by mail!

With just a few dollars' worth of craft supplies and fabrics, we'll show you how to save a small fortune and still look like you spent big bucks. Professional designers use the same kinds of fabrics and craft supplies you can buy locally or by mail, and with a few simply mastered sewing and craft skills there's no reason to think your results won't match theirs.

So make your wedding a true labor of love. And remember: You're not in this wedding alone. Friends and relatives love to be included in your wedding plans. Rather than viewing your request for help as an imposition, they will be honored and flattered that you recognize their expertise.

The Famous Pincurl Trick

You will be amazed at the costume designers' tricks that will be useful to you as you create your own bridal headpiece. For example, did you know that you can use a pin curl to keep your headpiece firmly fastened to your head, even if you have baby-fine hair? Vegas showgirls use this trick, and now you can, too! Here's how —

Form a pin curl at the exact location where you want the comb on your headpiece to adhere to your hair style: Take a strand of hair at least 1/2" in diameter and saturate it with a hair styling gel. Twist the strand as you wind it loosely around one finger. Push the spiral of hair down the finger until it rests flat against the head. Hold the pin curl in place with two crossed bobby pins, and allow the gel to dry. When you are satisfied that the pin curl itself is secure, position the comb over it and and push the comb's teeth under the bobby pins. Your headpiece is not going anywhere!

Claudia Lynch has enjoyed a multifaceted career as theatrical costume designer, bridal milliner, and now author and publisher. She has twice been a speaker at Beyond Pin Money, the annual conference for sewing professionals. Claudia makes her home in New Orleans, LA.

As a nationally known designer and construction artist of costumes for dance, Claudia's works can be seen in the repertoires of the Cincinnati Ballet, Tulsa Ballet Theatre, Atlanta Ballet and the San Jose Ballet, as well as Les Grandes Ballets Canadiens and Ballet British Columbia of Canada. Approaching each costume as a piece of sculpture, Claudia's designs have been variously acclaimed as "amazingly inventive", "delightfully wacky", and "luscious as a valentine" by critics from Cleveland, Ohio to Cairo, Egypt.

With the decline of public and private arts funding in the late 1980's, Claudia began looking for a way to increase the scope of her costume business. She created a line of bridal headpieces and veils, marketing them to bridal salons throughout the United States. The designs reflected her costuming background, borrowing elements from various historical periods and translating them into headpieces with an uncommon theatricality.

In 1996, Claudia founded a publishing company, Harpagon, and published her first book, "I Do" Veils — So Can You! It is now in its seventh printing.

Today, Claudia Lynch is a well-known artist and illustrator. You can see her current work, including her ShoeStories™ series, at www.claudialynch.com.

"...a slick, illustration-packed, sew-it-yourself guide with non-sewers in mind." Cleveland Plain Dealer

"All you need is a needle, thread, and hot glue gun. Add the clear instructions and illustrations in this comprehensive manual and you'll be able to glue and stitch your way through all the techniques used by professional milliners...Put it all together with the book's resource directory, and you'll be able to duplicate any ready-made style with professional results." Sew News Magazine

"... a well-organized, practical manual that anyone making bridal headpieces will want to have at hand." Library Journal

"With this book, you can have anything you can dream up." Indianapolis Star

"Just recently, I decided to treat myself to your book "I Do" Veils. It's a terrific book and I want to thank you for writing it for us!!! Wish that I had it 20 years ago when I started and had to figure it all out for myself."
M. J. Walker, Mary Jean's Alterations & Tailoring, Oswego, NY

"Please accept this note as a heartfelt 'Thank you' for writing the book, "I Do"Veils. Because of the shipping costs, I chose not to order the book but try to 'wing' the headpiece. After several hours of trying to 'wing it' I was tired, frustrated, and wishing desperately I had paid the extra money to get the book. Imagine my delight, then, when we made an after dinner trip to the book store and I found "I Do' Veils sitting on the shelf! I purchased it on the spot, and the resulting veil was in my daughter's words 'Just exactly what I wanted!' The problem is, now her friends have decided they want me to make their veils as well!"
M. Hicks, Texas

"Just a small note to say how much I appreciated receiving the very helpful and informative book "I Do" Veils. It has firmed up some methods I have worked on for a while now as well as giving helpful advice on other aspects such as hats...I look forward to using your publication and hope to visit some of the suppliers mentioned when we next visit the United States."
G. Mackersy, Wellington, New Zealand

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